PosterECAL 2011
8-12 August 2011

Program – Friday, August 12

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breakfast, posters & art   Halls 
9:00 General architecture of a genetic regulation network: Applications to embryologic and immunologic control The general architecture of a genetic regulation network consists of strong connected components of its interaction graph, to which are attached three kinds of sub-structures. (1) A set of up-trees, issued from the sources of the interaction graph of the network, made either of small RNAs or of genes repressors and/or inductors, self-expressed without any other genes controlling them. (2) A set of circuits in the core (in graph sense) of the strong connected components of the interaction graph. (3) A set of down-trees going to the sinks of the interaction graph, i.e., to genes controlled, but not controlling any other genes. The various state configurations it is possible to observe in the above sub-structures correspond to different dynamical behaviours. We show that these dynamics have in general a small number of attractors, corresponding to the functions of the tissue they represent in the Delbrück’s paradigm. Examples of such dynamics will be given in embryology (feather morphogenesis in chicken, gastrulation and wings morphogenesis in Drosophila) as well as in immunology (rearrangements of the genes of the TCRα receptors in mice). About Jacques Demongeot…
10:00 coffee break, posters & art   Halls 
oral session 9

  track 9A   Aden 
Ecological Modeling
  track 9B   CFB 
Complex Networks

track 9A: Ecological Modeling
Chair: Mario Giacobini

  • P. Gerlee & T. Lundh
    Urdar: An artificial ecology platform
  • R. Gras, A. Golestani, M. Hosseini Sedehi, M. Khater, Y. Majdabadi Farahani, M. Mashayekhi, S. Md Ibne, E. Salehi & R. Scott
    EcoSim: An individual-based platform for studying evolution
  • J. Clune, H. Goldsby, C. Ofria & R. Pennock
    Selective pressures for accurate altruism targeting: Evidence from digital evolution for difficult-to-test aspects of inclusive fitness theory
  • J. Kim, J. Yun, J. Hong, H. Kwon & J. Chun
    Ecohydrologic and biogeochemical process networks in forest ecosystems in monsoon East Asia: Identification and interpretation
track 9B: Complex Networks
Chair: Andrew Wuensche

  • E. zu Erbach-Schoenberg, C. McCabe & S. Bullock
    On the interaction of adaptive timescales on networks
  • J. Lizier, S. Pritam & M. Prokopenko
    Computational capabilities of small-world Boolean networks
  • A. Kolchinsky & L.M. Rocha
    Prediction and Modularity in Dynamical Systems
  • R. Watson, R. Mills & C. Buckley
    Transformations and multi-scale optimisation in biological adaptive networks
12:10 Proposals for the 2013 European Conference on Artificial Life As ECAL’11 is drawing to a close, we are glad to announce a bid process for the organization of the next ECAL in 2013. We invite anyone interested in hosting this event to prepare a 1- or 2-page PDF proposal. This flyer should specify the venue and date and contain the most relevant information highlighting your proposal. Please email your ECAL’13 flyer to Hugues Bersini, Paul Bourgine and René Doursat by Thursday, August 11 at the latest. You should also prepare a 5-10mn slideshow to present during this bid session. The final decision will be made the same day through a voting procedure among the board members of the International Society of Artificial Life (ISAL), together with the main organizers of previous Alife and ECAL conferences present at ECAL’11.
Chair: Hugues Bersini
12:10 (in parallel with the ECAL’13 bid session) lunch, posters & art   Halls 
satellite workshops 3

  Nath   CS-Sports

  Sats   DDLab /

  Cam   iBioMath

  Argt   INCUP

  Weil   MASmms

  Gulb   MEW

 open coffee break
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Complex Systems in Sports

Exploring Discrete Dynamics: From Cellular Automata to Random Networks (until 17:00)
Synthetic Gene Regulatory Networks for Computation, Control and Communications (at 17:00)

First International Workshop on Integral Biomathics

Information Coding in Unconventional Computing Substrates

Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems in Biology at meso or macroscopic scales

3rd Morphogenetic Engineering Workshop

17:30 (end of conference)