PosterECAL 2011
8-12 August 2011

About the Presentations

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  • Keynote speakers will give 45mn speeches followed by 15mn sessions of questions and discussion.

   Regular talks

  • Oral presentations will be 25mn long, including 5mn questions.
  • There will be 4 presentations per track (of 1hr and 40mn each) and exactly 2 parallel tracks per session, no more. This makes it possible to attend half of all the 72 talks.
  • Track chairs will be given guidelines to enforce the timing strictly, such that sessions remain synchronized and attendees are able to switch rooms between talks if they wish.


  • Posters will be on permanent display during the main conference: presenters are invited to set up their posters Tuesday, Aug. 9 starting at 08:00 and take them down Friday, Aug. 12 after lunch (no later than 13:00).
  • They will be exhibited in two big halls symmetrically located on each side of the main auditorium (28 posters per room), which will host a dedicated 2-hour poster inauguration session, combined with a welcome reception, on Tuesday, Aug. 9 from 18:00 to 20:00 (6pm to 8pm).
  • These halls will also host an art exhibit and be the location of all breakfasts, coffee breaks and luncheons. Therefore, posters will be maximally exposed and receive all attendees’ attention several times a day, during three and a half days.
  • Moreover, two 30-mn ‘poster pitch’ sessions are also scheduled on Tuesday, Aug. 9 afternoon: each poster presenter will have the opportunity to give a brief 1-minute-1-slide overview of her/his work to the plenary audience, just before and after one of the keynotes.
  • Poster panels will be oriented VERTICALLY (“portrait” format) and the maximal inside dimensions of one panel surface will be W:94cm x H:225cm (= W:37′ x H:88′ in inches). Please design and print out your poster accordingly. We will not be able to accept “landscape” formats, at least not if they are wider than 94cm. A little overflow of a couple cm left and right can be accepted but not more. Naturally, you can also use multiple smaller sheets if you prefer: you are free to occupy the available surface area the way you want within the above dimensions.
  • Posters must be attached exclusively with removable adhesive putty or soft tape (we should have some of this material handy on-site, but it would be great if you could bring your own). No staples, glue or any other strong adhesive.