PosterECAL 2011
8-12 August 2011

Camera-Ready Instructions (Closed)

Paper revisions

Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper to ECAL’11! Please take time to carefully read the comments, suggestions or requests made by the reviewers regarding your manuscript. You have through June 14, 2011 to integrate any changes that they have required, plus other small improvements that you had planned on bringing anyway.

You must also add a brief letter responding to the reviewers’ requests for revision (if any). We will verify whether the camera-ready paper has taken these comments into account. Submissions that do not provide sufficient explanation or do not introduce the requested changes might be excluded.


You must use the following format for your camera-ready paper:

Note that color figures are possible, since the proceedings will be published in e-format online. Remember that there is a strict 8-page limit for full papers, and 2-page limit for abstracts. The page limit of the camera-ready version for the proceedings must remain the same as the version you originally submitted, irrespective of the presentation category (oral vs. poster). Please do not trim down your full paper into an abstract or, vice-versa, blow up your abstract into a full paper. Manuscripts that are not formatted according to those guidelines or do no respect the page limit will not be included in the proceedings.


   Confirmation of attendance

Before or on June 14, 2011, please send an e-mail to with “ECAL’11 attendance confirmation” in the subject line and the following contents:

  • Number of the paper, title, and category (oral / poster)
  • Name of the (co)author who will present the paper at ECAL’11 (and must be the sender of the email)
  • If the attendee is a student, name of her/his advisor (who must also be in Cc in this email)
  • If a visa is required for the attendee to come to France, has the application process already started? (Yes / No / Not Required)

Note: the presenter may be — but does not have to coincide with any of — the first author, the corresponding author, or a senior author. She or he only has to be any one of the co-authors of the paper and be responsible for its live presentation, whether oral or poster, at ECAL’11.

   Author registration

The representative (co)author cited in the above confirmation email must have completed registration to the full conference and paid her/his fees before or on June 24, 2011 (“pre-registration” is not sufficient). Keep in mind that early-bird rates apply through June 14, 2011, then standard rates start on June 15. Please also note that for each accepted paper a different author must register and present it at the conference in order for the paper to be included in the conference proceedings.

All the necessary information for conference registration and accommodation is available in this website. We highly recommend that you register as soon as possible to take advantage of the early-bird rate and the pre-reserved onsite housing (in limited availability). Sorry, onsite housing reservation is now closed. Please see the Travel page for information about hotels, thank you. Do not wait long before making your accommodation and travel arrangements — Paris is a busy city!

>> We must ask that you please follow these instructions scrupulously. Failure to do so may result in your paper not being published in the proceedings and not included in the program. If you have doubts or questions, please ask the Program Chairs by email at: Thank you for your contribution and understanding. We very much look forward to seeing you in Paris this summer! <<


You must submit your final camera-ready paper through the EasyChair conference system no later than June 14, 2011, 11:59pm Paris time.

Since all contributions are subject to copy-editing, you have to provide all the source files and figures composing your article. For this, we ask that you please prepare and upload a single compressed archive containing a single directory with all the necessary files in it. If NAME is the last name of the first author (in uppercase), then this package should be called NAME.tgz or and the only directory in it should be called NAME/. This directory should itself contain:

1. If you are using LaTeX, all the necessary files to recompile your doc:

   • a single source file NAME.tex containing the final camera-ready paper
   • if applies, a bibliographical file NAME.bbl and/or .bib
   • one separate graphical file (.png, etc.) for each figure
   • a single file NAME.pdf showing the final camera-ready paper

2. If you are using another word processor (MS Word, OpenOffice):

   • a single source file NAME.rtf or .doc containing the final camera-ready
     paper with figures (no other extensions such as .docx, .odt, .dat, etc.)
   • one separate graphical file (.png, etc.) for each figure
   • a single file NAME.pdf showing the final camera-ready paper

3. For everyone:

   • a single ASCII file named authors.txt formatted as follows:

        <first name(s) of 1st author> <last name> <email>
        <first name(s) of 2nd author> <last name> <email>*
        <first name(s) of 3rd author> <last name> <email> ……

      with an asterisk * at the end of the contact author’s line, for ex:

        Jane Mary Doe
        Jean Dupont*
        Jos\’e Carlos Sanchez

   • a single ASCII file named abstract.txt formatted as follows:

        line 1: title of the paper
        line 2: [blank]
        line 3: abstract in LaTeX syntax without line breaks
           - for 8-page papers: the abstract itself
           - for 2-page papers: a 200-word (max.) abstract of the abstract

   • a single ASCII file named changes.txt containing the response to each reviewer’s comments and an explanation of where and what changes were made in the manuscript to address these comments. Please respond to each reviewer in separate sections.

   • the signed and scanned PDF copyright form renamed NAMEcr.pdf: this document must be signed by the first author or a senior author (i.e. faculty/academic staff, if the first author is a student) and bear her/his name with appended ‘cr’ (in lowercase).

>> For generic information and instructions about the presentations (keynotes, regular talks and posters), go to the ‘Presentations’ page. <<