PosterECAL 2011
8-12 August 2011

Art Exhibit & Performance

9-12 August (poster rooms) &
11 August, 19:00

11 August, 20:00 (pre-banquet)

Inspiration, imagination and aesthetics are an integral part of science — and they are of particular importance in the Alife community, which fuels some of the most creative and provocative research at the edge (of chaos) between biology and technology. Accordingly, ECAL 2011 has the great pleasure to welcome prominent visual artists and musicians (some of them scientists, too), who will showcase their exciting work in the exhibit rooms and main auditorium. Be ready for a unique stimulation of your mind, your various sensory modalities, and your sense of humor!


Louis Bec

Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste

Louis Bec, born in Algeria and living in France, is a biologist and zoosystemician who extends his scientific field with a fabulatory epistemology based on Artificial Life and Technozoosemiotics. In 1972, Bec founded the Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste, where he studies the incapability of living beings to understand their own existence. Bec is both artist and scientist in the field of artificial life and 3D technologies. He is as much a biologist, artist, curator and educator, and has been a ministry officer for new technologies in arts. Bec is Director of CYPRES (Centre Interculturel de Pratiques et Echanges Transdisciplinaires) in Marseille. He has presented his ideas in many exhibitions, such as Alife II (invited by Chris Langton) and From Animals to Animats, and articles.
 Halls    9-12 August (permanent exhibit) 
 Aden    Thursday 11 August, 19:00 (show) 



François Pachet

Sony Labs, Paris

François Pachet is a Civil Engineer (Ecole des Ponts and Chaussées) and was an Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, University of Paris 6, until 1997. He then set up the music research team at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Paris, and developed the vision that metadata can greatly enhance the musical experience in all its dimensions, from listening to performance. His team conducts research in interactive music listening and performance and musical metadata and developed several innovative technologies and award winning systems (MusicSpace, constraint-based spatialization, PathBuilder, intelligent music scheduling using metadata, The Continuator for Interactive Music Improvization). He is the author of over 80 scientific publications in the fields of musical metadata and interactive instruments.
 Aden    Thursday 11 August, 20:00 (just before the banquet)